I was convinced this movie was gonna be about lesbians then it wasn’t and I was pissed.

Welcome to the club.

the Pitch Perfect fandom: a summary

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Thank god for Fan Fiction Writers — Every Fandom Ever (via indefinitely-rad)

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"uh oh" i whispered as i began to ship it

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Freddie Mercury’s vocal range, ladies and gentlemen.

We are not worthy

fuckin how




Freddie Mercury’s vocal range, ladies and gentlemen.

We are not worthy

fuckin how

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1st Generation: Ylisse Mew Mew! o v o

I don’t know if anyone was expecting anything in particular when I said I had a set of themed drawings in progress, but I’m sure whatever it was, I’m preeetty sure they weren’t expecting this.

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This is how you handle getting your privileged called out. 

Not “reverse racism!” Not “heterophobe!” and all those other dynamics that don’t exist. Just recognition. Recognition of privilege (and hopefully continuous self-checking) 


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People need to accept that not all “cliches” are bad. People still like stuff like forbidden love stories, underdogs winning, and the dog biting back. The term cliche is negative, produces an image of all that is trite and boring, but actual cliches can be very good. Storytelling is built on cliches after all. 

It’s not the cliche but how it is utilized by the author.

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do you ever get so emotional and you just


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Stop making women feel bad about shaving.

Stop making women feel bad about not shaving.

Stop making women feel bad about having sex.

Stop making women feel bad about not having sex.

Stop hating all men because some men are assholes.

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not being able to reply to your friend because you’re busy

waiting for your friend to reply but they can’t because they’re busy

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Uromastyx likes her belly rubbed

this is a fucking lizard getting her belly rubbed if you don’t think that’s the cutest shit then get out of my blog


This animal is not happy! ): This is a panic/defence mechanism, this is probably really freaking the poor thing out.  i’ve seen multiple reblogs of this post informing people of that, so I thought I’d let you know.

This is a Uromastyx, their defence mechanism is to INFLATE their bodies and move them as if they were “belly dancing” as they release air through their mouths letting a “haaaaaaaaaaaah” kind of sound until you leave them alone. If you don’t they’ll HIT you with their spiky tail.

This Uromastyx is exposing its belly on their own will, what it’s doing first is smell the hand to see if it’s someone they know. Since it is (remember the belly is the most vulnerable part of their body) and knows the person won’t harm them, it exposes the belly for the rubs.

And I talk from experience, I have an Uromastyx Acanthinura. It took me forever to get mine to trust me enough to allow me pet him and let me pick him up (and then teach him that my mum (he used to react aggressively towards her presence just by smelling her hand) that my mum was to be trusted).

TDLR; the Uromastyx in the gif trusts their owner and allows the owner to rub the belly, that isn’t how Uromastyx defend themselves

I get so happy when people with actual facts, knowledge, and experience explain things to those who do more talking than understanding.

I’m so fucking elated that this lizard IS actually enjoying tummy tickles. I’ve gone my entire life being sad because people kept saying this was a discomfort display. I’m so happy that the lizard is happy. I’m so happy.

The only animals who expose their softest, most vulnerable parts as a threat display/defense mechanism while also basically immobilizing themselves are usually poisonous animals or close mimics of poisonous animals, and Uromastyx is neither.

Usually such a display is also colorful.

But yeah how fucking cute is it that a little lizard will sniff your hand to make sure you’re the right giant

The idea that reptiles are dumb and emotionless is far too ingrained even among hobbyists and scientific professionals.

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